Alarm system for sneaky toddlers

Noomly is designed to protect toddlers and give parents more time for themselves. Our smart movement sensors alert parents when their toddlers start moving towards less safe areas or objects inside the home. Our goal is to improve home safety and to make everyday parenting less stressful and challenging.

For curious toddlers & peaceful parents

With Noomly, you will be notified about your toddler's activities in those short moments when you are not with him. Any unsupervised movement towards less safe areas in your home will be reported to you through your mobile phone or smart watch.

From now on, answering a phone call, checking on a lunch or heaving a short break will be less stressful.

How Noomly works


Monitors movements in your home

Noomly sensors can monitor movements through doors and in front of any less safe objects (like bookcase). They are monitoring very narrow area and they will not react on any movements outside of it, so you and your toddler can move freely in your home without falsely activating it.


Recognizes toddler by height

Unlike any other movement sensor, Noomly sensor reacts on toddler's movement only. It recognizes toddler by height so any movements by grown-ups will be ignored. Get notified only when it really matters.


Sends alerts to parents smart devices

When toddler's unsupervised movement towards less safe area is detected, Noomly sends alerts to parents through their smartphone or smart watch. Noomly will try to warn you until you confirm that everything is alright.

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Be one of our first users & early

Noomly is still in development and is currently tested with local nursery schools and kindergartens. We are expecting first products in July 2019. We really care about our early supporters and we would like to stay in touch with you. Leave us your contact information and we will get back to you as soon as we start with pre-orders.

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